Here's a picture of Leslie's gift.  It's the Hula Girl on the bottom left-hand side of your and Dad's picture.  It's made using a flower.  Wow!

Love always and forever,

This is your inbox, Dad and Mom.  This is where you receive my messages.
March 25, 2010

Happy 85th Birthday Mommie, from Amsterdam!
I luv this city and it is very different from what I’m used to.  Of course the gorgeous weather this week is adding to its beauty (not that I’m not used to gorgeous weather  ).
I think you know what we are doing for picture taking in Amsterdam…  Before we left home, we looked for yours and Dad’s pictures in this city, and took them with us.  Now, we are looking for the sites and taking our own pictures there.  I must say, we are doing well (pat on the back) considering that it’s been over 35 years since yours and Dad’s pictures were taken.  Anyway, I’m still organizing the pictures but will definitely post them in your website and in the albums at home.
Meanwhile, I want to tell you about my dream during your birthday eve…  I dreamt that you and I were in a room, then we heard a baby cooing and it sounded so cute.  So, we looked at each other with a glow and smiled because we both thought the baby’s sound was so cute.
Shortly after, I was still dreaming, you kissed me on the cheek and I wondered why… since I can’t possibly remind you of a baby because I’m way pass that phase  .  The next thought I had was that for you, I am the baby, especially because I am your and Dad’s youngest.  That was such a “feel good” dream!
Earlier during your birthday, while I was eating Belgian waffles (still in Amsterdam though), I saw a card of a mommy cat kissing a kitten on its cheek.  Of course, I bought that card since it was a feline version of my dream.  I did not even know what the card is saying since it’s written in Dutch.  So, I asked the store attendant what is written on the card and coincidentally, it is a birthday card!  Here’s my birthday card for you, Mommie…

With love always and forever!

PS.  As you probably noticed, I had to mention the Belgian waffles I was eating during your birthday.  The reason is it was so delicious and different from the U.S. version.  I also have a picture of the Belgian waffles, taken in Belgium.  I’ll post them here too.

Christmas Season 2009

Dear Mommie and Daddy,

Christmas Season is here again, for us, starting with Thanksgiving and ending with Three Kings.
Of course, we decorated our home and your memorial again.  I have not gotten the chance to take pictures this year, since there are so many things going on.
Just like when you were still with us, I’m having a very festive Christmas Season with delicious food.  Yum!  Yes, it’s festive since I always feel your love and care… and delicious food since I learned from the best.
Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Three Kings to Dad, Mom and everyone else with you!

With love always and forever,

August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
We visited Auntie Nene for her birthday this year, and I’ve been thinking of writing you about it.  Now would be timely since it’s also your birthday.
I had quality time with Auntie Nene that time, since there were only three of us and I was able to have a conversation with her without interruptions.
We discussed many memorable things, however, I particularly remember when she asked about you.  She forgot that you passed on before Mom, and that you and Mom are together now.
What is even more memorable for me, is the look of sadness on Auntie Nene’s face when we reminded her that you passed on.  I’m sure you and Mom miss her too, since you had fun times when you were still here.  No worries, we will all join you someday!
Bye for now, Dad.  Love and kisses to Mom and all.
July 21, 2009

Happy 10th Year New Life Anniversary Dad!  It’s been 10 years, pero parang hindi.  I still feel that you are guiding me until now.

Actually as you may know, we recently refinanced our home loan.  I am quite happy with it, since the interest rate is substantially lower and the term many years less.  I feel that you helped me with this, since the transaction dates coincide with dates that are meaningful to you .
Alam nyo Dad, we get mail addressed to you in our current home.  Yes, to Carlos J. Paras.  Surprising, since you weren’t here anymore when we bought that house.  Well, you are not on earth but watching from above, huh.
There’s one more thing that I would like to tell you and Mom about homes.  I’ve heard other people say that they do not like a house because it looks like their parents’ house.  In my case, I can only dream of having a house like my parents' house because it was so beautiful!  Of course, I’m not just talking about the physical aspects, but also the beautiful life I lived there with you and Mom.
Yikes, I better stop writing this letter.  I’m starting to cry…  Later Dad.  Hello to Mom and all!

With Love Always and Forever,


May 10, 2009

Dear Mommie,
Happy Mother’s Day!

I have so much to tell you, pero can’t write all of them down.  That’s ok; I know that you know, I’m always thinking about you and Dad.
The piglet topiary that I gave you last Mother’s Day seems to be following its counterpart in your story.   One of the stories you told me is that you had a piglet once that never grew fat.  Well, the piglet topiary is also not growing that much, but it’s still healthy.  Normally, I would be a bit anxious that it’s not growing, but since it’s just like your original piglet then I’m thinking... it is just meant to be.  As you know, I’m taking care of it, just like you took care of your original piglet.
You know what, Mom, almost a month ago during your 3rd New Life Anniversary, Alan from one of my first jobs called me.  I’m sure you remember him since you and I have a lot of fond memories with him.  He called me because, once again, he knew that it was your New Life Anniversary.  He also called me last year on the same day.  I am deeply touched.  As you know, Alan is also very close to his Mom.  Maybe you can meet Alan’s Mom up there nowadays, if you have not yet.
Until my next letter, Mommie
With love always and forever,


April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Dad and Mom!  This is the 3rd Easter you've spent together in heaven.  I guess the 1st year was not a full day, because Mom spent some time with us too.

I remember Mom's last Easter with us, and it was a very heartbreaking experience for me.  However, Easter symbolizes a new life and it's so timely to start your new life that day, Mom.  I do appreciate the very meaningful timing!

I already got the Easter egg to add in my collection, this year.  I have not put it in the basket, though, because I still need to decorate it.

It's getting late Mom and Dad, so bye for now.  Please extend my Easter greetings to everyone there.  I miss all of you.

Oh, one more thing...  I saw a "new" picture of Lolo, Lola and Auntie Ti with both of you about a month ago.  Ever since I saw the picture, I keep on thinking how happy we were in Loyola Heights with them.  I remember the many times I spent with Lola, watching her cook, do origami birds and talking with her.

When it's time, we'll all meet again.  I'll be able to spend time with all of you again, even with Lolo and Lola (Mom's side), who I have not met in person yet.

Ok, nighty-night for now :-).With love always and forever,

March 25, 2009

Happy 84th Birthday, Mommie!  Yes, I'm still speaking earth birthday years since I'm still here and it's what I understand :-).

Your birthday is on a Wednesday this year, Mom, and we started celebrating the Sunday before! I'm off from work and it is such a good day off since it's in the middle of the week.

We went to places (to eat, etc.) that we know you would like.  We had sotanghon for your long life.  We ordered this because we know you like it.

We went to your and Dad's memorial park and brought flowers from our garden.  Leslie dropped by our home with Shawn, and brought a gift from Hawaii that she said you would like.  We put it on your memorial in our living room.

January 1, 2009

Dear Dad and Mom,

Happy New Year!  I was so excited last night during New Year's eve, because I made sure I was in your room (here with us) beginning of this year.  Kasi, it's symbolic for me meaning that I will be close to you all year .

I was busier than I thought today, but did accomplish the important things I want to do throughout the new year.  Funny how I still do that until now.

It's getting late Mom and Dad, so I'll write again soon.  I just want to send you note, because this is one of the important things I want to do through out the new year!

Happy New Year to everyone there!

Love always and forever,


December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Dad and Mom!

As always, we attended midnight mass, had Noche Buena Christmas eve, and visited your memorial after lunch Christmas day

We also decorated our home and your memorial.  I'm posting a few pictures of the Christmas decors since we spent a lot of time and effort decorating , pero, it was a lot of FUN!

As you can see, most of our Christmas decors are Mom's.  Like the climbing Santa Clause next to our front door.  I still remember when Mom asked me to order the Santa Clause from a catalog.

Also, there’s the nativity set that Mom adds a piece every Christmas.  We are still following that tradition.  I know the tradition of adding a nativity piece every Christmas started when we were in the Philippines pa.

Then, there's the Christmas swag above the sliding door to the backyard; and of course the garland that Mom decorated, hanging on the ramp handle.

The fence decor is a new addition, we know you like it too since we got our decorating inspiration from you!

I'm sure your Christmas there was great too and even more festive!  Imagining your Christmas there makes me smile!

Until my next letter, Mom and Dad!

With love always and forever,


December 20, 2008

Hello Mommie and Daddy, now I'm trying another way to enter messages for you in your website.

August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

I am so glad that your new website is up and running.  Just in time for your New Life anniversary last July 21, and ofcourse your birthday.

I'm quite happy about your new website since it is much easier to use.  Hope you like it as much as I do :-)!

With love always and forever,

a kiss for your birthday !
November 21, 2010

Dear Dad and Mom,

I would like to greet you...

Happy Anniversary, Dad and Mom (11/12)!
Happy Monthly New Life Anniversary, Dad (Today)...
and Happy Thanksgiving Day (11/25)!

Also, I would like to share with you a couple of pictures taken during our trip to Vegas last October.

I wanted to take a picture of the "dancing waters," but it was over when we got to a good spot.  Then, we waited for it to start again and seems like the operators had technical difficulties.  I wanted to take a picture because Mom very much enjoyed it, and that time she sadly said that some did not get the chance to see it, and one was Dad.  Although I wanted to take a picture of it, I feel that Dad already saw the "dancing waters" from above and many other beautiful scenes.

The two pictures are...
One, with me and Congee!  I remember that Mom wanted to have Congee during one of our trips to Vegas, and we did not get a chance.  Then, Mom and I planned on doing that the next time we go to Vegas, but God has bigger plans for Mom.  Since Litos and I are still here, we pursued going to the Congee restaurant for Mom this year :-).

The next picture was taken in the hotel "basement" where we used to push Mom's wheel chair to get to the parking lot.  I particularly looked for this place because I have very strong memories with Mom here.   It took us a while to recognize the place since it changed so much from 5+ years ago; however, once I opened the glass doors (behind me in the picture), I saw the parking lot and I was sure that I found it.

It's getting late Dad and Mom.  Goodnight for now, to all.

With love always and forever,
Yeye (a.k.a. Pretty Rose Bud he. he.)